Can't see model anymore, only green/gray screen

I was drawing some geometry when suddenly the screen turned gray. I tried zooming in and out but nothing happened. Even tried undoing the last steps. I also switched between my scenes and for some reason some are green and some are gray. Zoom extents doesn´t appear to be doing anything. Any idea what could be the solution?

I am attaching the model: Dropbox - File Deleted

I’d like to help more, but your model, with over 18 million edges, is heavier than my computer can handle. It overbooked memory and brought everything to a halt! Before the computer froze I did manage to see that the biggest culprit is a Boxwood bush whose instances together contribute over 12 million of those edges! I would guess it is a decorative “entourage” component that you obtained from the 3D Warehouse? In any case, unless the bushes are the entire purpose of your model, it is terribly over-detailed.

I’m sorry! I know it’s heavy, any way I can select and delete them (without being able to see them) so I can upload the model again?

Select them in Outliner and erase them from there. After that, purge unused from Model Info>Statistics. I purged the unused stuff from your model and got rid of the following. That was without removing the boxwood bush components.


Even after purging it was way too sluggish to work with. Might be better without all the entourage.

Ok, I’ve updated the link to the new purged model, thank you!

Right click a component in the outliner, then zoom selection. Use the eye tool to look around for geometry to select. Copy paste into a new file.