Heads up: We’re making your SketchUp account more secure

I no longer see the “Last Active” column in the Account Management portal. Was this removed? It is a very valuable tool which allows us to maintain how many seats our company really needs. This column informs us when a member last used the licenses and we can drop them off to maintain an appropriate license count vs purchasing more than we need.

Thank you

Hi McAleron

We miss it too! It’s being investigated as a bug. We hope we can get it back as it was very useful for a number of use cases. Stay tuned…



Your right there Mike, that has been a nightmare for me for over two years now with Sketchup. I used two different emails! Google, FB (now Metaverse) etc, cry wolf all day long when logging into my accounts, Google Alert, constantly! It is time consuming and stupidity as far as I can tell. Reminds me of the fairy tale of the “Little Boy who Cried Wolf!” I think all of this stems for liability, there take is “Well we warned you not our fault were not secure!” It was YOU! You didn’t change your login credentials that take an hour and half!

Hello Bryce, any update on this bug?

Thank you

Sorry I don’t have an update on the ‘last active’ capability. I don’t think it’s going to be resolved quickly. Things changed with the way our new sign in platform reports sign in events. That means the functionality need to be re-connected for the new system. At this point I’m not sure if that’s even possible without work on the platform to support it. I’d say it’ll be at minimum a month or two. Sorry I don’t have better news.

Thank you for the reply Bryce, but that’s horrible to hear as it really affects license management for us. Hopefully this can be reintegrated eventually.

I have to point out that subscriptions are not supposed to be moved around unless your contract specifically allows it. Standard subscriptions are intended for a single user to use the license for the full length of the subscription period. Our standard terms allow for license reassignment in the following 3 situations:
1 A mistake was made on initial assignment.
2 The employee leaves your company and you need to give the seat to another employee
3 Upon renewal of the seat for another year, you can assign to different employee.

We do have that in our contract. Thank you

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Perfect Thank You for mentioning that here.