Can't Sign in or even create a "Trimble Account", what's going on?!

When I launched Sketchup Pro 2018 today I got a message saying a new version of Trimble Connect was available but that I needed to be signed in to update it.

When I clicked on Sign In it wouldn’t let me in with my old credentials, so I thought that I must have forgotten the password. When I clicked on the “Forgotten password?”-link and entered my e-mail address I was told that the e-mail was not known, which is pretty odd since I today received an email about paying for another year of updates and support to the very same e-mail address!

Anyway, I clicked on the “Create new Trimble ID”-link to be able to download the update through such an account, but NO.
After filling in the required fields the CAPTCHA-text I was told to enter was nowhere to be seen(see attached image)!

To check if it was a bug relating to my browser (Firefox) I visited the Create Trimble Account page with other browsers but the same thing happened with them. :frowning:

Please, advise what I should do to update needed plugins without signing in since Trimble apparently won’t let me sign in to do so in any way, shape, or form. :angry:

For now, download the current copy of Trimble Connect 2.0 by going to the Extension Warehouse in your browser. I’ve attached the file below. (For those who come across this thread later, it is current as of March 25, 2018) Then install it by going to Window>Extension Manager to use Install Extension. See if that makes it easier to log into TC. At the very least it’ll keep the message telling you there’s an update for it from popping up.
su_trimble_connect-2.0.2.rbz (603.4 KB)

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Huge thanks DaveR, that updated plugin made the CAPTCHA-function work!

I had to deactivate the older version of the plugin first to be able to install the one I had downloaded through your link.
I then created a Trimble-account and waited for the email link to verify.
That mail never came so I clicked the “Lost password?” link in the login form and after giving my e-mail address again a reset password link was finally received that made it all work.

Again, many thanks for your help DaveR, you rock!! :star_struck:

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