Not as pissed as I was earlier

I haven’t even been using my subscription for 12 months yet and you’ve taken away the Outliner and Solid Inspector!!

I know I’m just an unimportant Sketchup Shop user “Not Happy Jan” but surely you could have told me before applying these changes.

Currently downloading a trial of Fusion360.

Mike Burley

Sounds like you aren’t signed in properly.

Nope backed out and signed in again, accessed Trimble okay. Just missing these feachures,

can you share a screenshot?

Outliner !

Both pics show the UPGRADE to use the Outliner and the Solid Inspector

Both of these options were available before the Sketchup 2021

Trimble ID’s get quit sticky witch cookies and cache. You might not notice when the browser directs to another Trimble ID, you might have more then one created on the past.

Go to and sign in on the top right.
You can then check the anniversary date in ‘Manage my Account’ of that Trimble ID. You can find it in the ‘My Products’ section
If the Shop plan is ‘Active’ you should be able to launch it when clicking on ‘View included Apps’

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Date Issue

Also on the Home screen for the files, the “Last Modified Date” is coming up invalid!

BIG Apologies!!!

You were right somehow I had logged in with the user name that I originally downloaded the demo.

But now how can I transfer the designs I created under the wrong name to my Trimble account!

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Download them on your machine and upload while signed in with the correct ID.

Managing stuff is easier if you go to and have your projects synced via the Trimble connect sync app

Thank you

Again sorry for the confusion, all fixed now really appreciate all your help.

Merry Christmas to all


There are a few people with your name who use SketchUp. Of those, only one has a Shop subscription, and that is assigned to a Yahoo email address.

If you are you at, try signing in that way, and see if the features come back. If that does work, but you would prefer to be signing in with your gmail address, you can sign in as to this page, and assign the subscription to your gmail address:

After posting this I then refreshed the page, and see that you got sorted out. I’ll leave my reply anyway, in case the part about assigning the subscription to your gmail address is of use.

you might want change the subject of your initial post now.

I edited it. Mike is welcome to improve on my version.


I am humbled and embarrassed!

Merry Christmas to everyone :+1:t2::grinning:


It’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t work as you expect. :cocktail:

And yes, a martini helps!

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