Is anyone else sick of the Identity Verification Process

I honestly don’t understand the need for this. All it ever does is slow down my work flow. There have been numerous times with the server doesn’t respond or is down as well. Can someone tell me why I need to stop what I am doing to log off and log back in on a machine that was already running Sketchup? It seems all together useless. Go back to a license key and be done with it. It seems like every time a new release is put out something else is buggy. STOP IT ALREADY!


I expect you won’t like my answer but you asked. It hasnn’t been a problem for me at all. Once every 28 days I have to sign into SketchUp again but in between it’s not a problem. I have a tab open in my internet browser for my text messages so it’s a simple matter to copy the verification code and paste it into the field on the Trimble page.

try running on an air-gapped machine without internet access. ill be lucky if I get a week without having to reconnect for authentication let alone the problem of opening models and crashing the system if no internet is present and you have, god forbid, any extensions running. This needs to be addressed. constant web access is not realistic in many remote/new build site situations not to mention the people using Sketchup in the 80% of the world without decent internet access. Sick of companies designing products solely around the western model user


My internet has been offline for about an hour and a half. Hasn’t affected my use of SketchUp, though. Again, I only need to sign in every 28 days.

It has been discussed before on these forums, and I am not sure but if you contact SketchUp Support or Sales with your use case they might have a solution for you.

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The sign-in process is a hassle. I am using SketchUp several days a week, yet I have to sign in two or three times a month and every time I go to the extension warehouse even if I was signed in the day previous. This madness is getting very old.


This really has become ridiculous. Right in the middle of saving a model to send to layout it sent me through this seemingly endless loop of token no good, failed to reach server, a debug website page, user must sign in, sign out fails, etc etc etc
Not happy Jan.


Short answer: Yes, absolutly sick of it.


Hey everyone, thanks for the responses. If I thought Trimble had a fix I would call them. The reality is, they caused this by switching how they license SketchUp. I work on multiple machine in different places. I like the idea of the floating license, but it is no where near what Adobe has. While SketchUp isn’t nearly the cost of the entire Adobe suite, I still find it frustrating that Trimble didn’t make sure that it worked seamlessly before implementing it.

The fact that I have to log out of all the machines I am working on when I have to use another machine is horrible. My biggest problem is that I have to re authenticate after using a machine for several hours. It is really just a huge pain in the rear to stop my workflow and log in again. Like I mentioned in my original post, sometimes that doesn’t work so I have to wait for things to actually start working again.

Hey Trimble, here is an idea, if you can’t get it right, sell it back to Google.


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And google would just shut it down like they always do when they are bored of it. In many ways we are lucky Google sold it 10 years ago


I don’t think a 3D modelling application would help Google sell more advertisements so probably they aren’t interested in one after getting rid of SketchUp.

Pretty and at the same time tragic are the posts that again someone cannot use the software for which he paid …

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Luckily, we don’t get to read all successfully log ins on this forum :slight_smile:

Talk about rubbing salt into a wound.

This problem is as old as Trimble. It seems users are not relevant as issues stay present, sometimes for years (see layout). I travel around with a macbook, while I can have sketchup in other locations on better machines, just because of this issue. I’ve said it before, SKP licensing sucks.

It’s 4 days since I last had verifications issues. Did all the closing, logging out and logging back in and got it going. Tonight I get a client request for an updated model, I said sure no problem. ill log in and send it over, give me 10mins. Of course, as soon as I load up Sketchup it logged out and trying to get the license server to work is failing I’m over an hour into looking for a fix. This time it lasted 4 days. Trimble this is not good enough, this needs solving right away. This issue alone has cost my personal earnings many times the cost of my SketchUp subscription alone.

I apologised to my client and they laughed and told me everyone knows this problem and that’s why they know people use cracked 2018 versions because the Cracked versions ARE MORE STABLE. Seriously Trimble your literally forcing Paying users to downgrade to earlier version hacks.

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The correct order is sign out, close all apps and then start SketchUp again which will prompt you to sign in and then, close it again after a session (or priorly to prevent loss of sign data during a crash)
Closing the lid of a Macbook doesn’t do that.

It will only update the login information upon exiting the app.
There is no need to sign out and then close the app unless you are planning to use on another device.

Btw. older license systems had their flaws, too (@PetervB knows all about it)

When it would be workable/comfortable it would be not big hassle to switch between machines / locations, which i often would do.when possible. Bit it isn’t. So my laptop travels way too much. Where skp stays open for sometimes weeks, often offline. When then the 28th is reached this sucks. Which of course could be implemented way more flexible, in many possible ways. Skp is great, but the way things have been implemented imho sucks big time. An opinion which will not change. As does (yes, i repeat myself) the subscription which does not give any usable plus-update since 2020.