Waiting for sketchup

I have been using sketch up for almost 20 years . I started paying for it when they used to allow free use. I bought it when they sold licenses for a year at a time.I find the Waiting time it Verify my license an infuriating waste of my time. If I paid before I was required to why waste my time let me use the program for a year at a timer at the very lease got the you’re locked out of your account messages straight so I can sign back in inline or reload the program or do whatever to correct the current problem. is the internet slow is the license out of date was I logged out because I left the program running to long is there a new update ???why is the program not loading.

You haven’t provided enough information. What version of SketchUp are you using? Are you still using Mac OSX 10.10.5? Please complete/update your forum profile.

There must be a problem with your internet connection, it shouldn’t take long to login to your account.
Due to security reasons sketchup asks you to login every month.

Yes I live in a small town and the internet sucks I have a pro 2023 license operating on a Mac OS 13.3.1 with 8 gigs of RAM . My time is valuable and with the “Verification “process either stalled or not labeled correctly (I.E. your license is out of date or the idiot thing just sits and bounces because we lost power ins were signed of or they did the monthly sign off or for what ever reason I much preferred a yearly license That allowed me to work for year without questioning my bonifides.