Authentication Issues

I love using Sketchup. It has its issues as does all software and won’t please all of the people all of the time.

However something that never fails to ■■■■ me off is the license authentication. I have done the upgrade to 2024 and wasted half a day moving my materials, templates, scrapbooks and worst of all my extension.

Now apparently even though I am able to use this forum AND open and use 2023 apparently 2024 is not authenticated and I am off line so can’t log in.

The continual need to log in for a program that I have a year license for does ■■■■ me and just adds friction where you don’t want any. I don’t know why this is still such a ■■■■ UX.



I couldn’t agree more. The worst is when it happens during a meeting with clients. It’s time to go 3D and…you don’t have a license :exploding_head:

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