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Anyone else getting this consistantly?Sketchup Greedy bullshit
It’s way past annoying now. When in the middle of a project with a deadline? Makes you want to hit someone in the face.

Like it says, you need to sign in again to continue. Just sign out of SketchUp and sign back in. You have to do that every 28 days to let the license server know you are still there.

Not working Dave, I am logged in AND I can see where my license is active.

Did you log out, exit SketchUp/Layout etc. completely, re-run SketchUp, and log back in?

Several times even rebooted the computer? There has been a major flaw in this. I never had a problem for many years with this. Since the no serial number it has risen several times a week but like you said USUALLY I can log in and it is fine… albeit a production killer. They need to seriously discount the program if this is going to be a constant problem.

I did an upgraded to from the automated request Dave, TDahl. Seems to have fixed the problem. Hopefully I won’t get through hour 12 of the project and have to login again? Thanks for responding guys got to work through the night to catch up.