Subscription Login Issues - 08/24/21

Hello All,

I work in SketchUp daily and have never run across this error before. Today I got to work and opened SketchUp normally. As of about 20 minutes ago I am not able to use it, having experienced some sort of subscription server error.

I was running fine, with a couple different files open. I opened a texture library file that I have saved, and received the usual Login window you get periodically. However when I logged in I recieved a “Internal Management Service” error, and was unable to open any file beyond that point as it now said license was invalid.

I restarted my PC and attempted the login again and got a “Server Response is Invalid” error and now nothing sketchup related is working. I have submitted a ticket to customer support but wanted to check and see if anyone else had ever, or is currently experiencing issues with their own licenses.



I just heard from colleagues about problem that is being investigated. I will report back when there is news about that.

Heard back already, the issue should be cleared now.

Thanks Colin! In true fateful irony the system seemed to resolved itself shortly after I posted this on the forum. I hit the error a few more times but files were opening, instead of before when it was not opening at all, and now I’m running like normal.

I let support know about your post here, so at least they will see that there was an issue for a short while. Fortunately we have some amount of automatic monitoring for errors, and the errors that were happening created an alert for that team.

Thank you. I did submit a customer support ticket as well, though the last time I did that they told me to just go to the forum lol Thanks for the quick response


FYI I just had this same problem. I didn’t have to reinstall the Sketchup but had to restart the computer which seemed to solve the issues.

Before that I logged out and in again but that didn’t work (including closing browser).



Just ran into the same problem this morning. I hope this is only a temporary issue.

I am having the same issue, and have tried loggin in and out. restarting my computer, clearing my cache and nothing has resolved the issue. Please help, I use sketch up for work everyday!

I’m having the same problem too. I’ve reinstalled sketchup , restarted my computer , re- logged into trimble several times… I’m at a loss here . Does anyone on here have a real answer as to why this is happening?
…might be time to switch to vectorworks, this is too frustrating.