Invalid response from license server?

Good afternoon Everybody

My subscription runs through to June 2022 but this afternoon I got a warning of ‘invalid response from license server’

Using the licensing tab I get a screen saying

Restart sketchup to begin your free 30 day trial
Expires June 26th 2022

Suggestions on a post card please?

It’s late Friday ie a good time to stop but I have work to do first thing on Monday

Regards to all

Ian Cole

The first thing I would try is to sign out and then sign back in again.

Good suggestion

How do I sign out?

Many thanks in advance

Ian Cole

Same message for me today, I am able to open the last model I was working on Thursday. the rest is locked.Invalid response from server.

Hi there, I’ve solved this

To log out select the licensing tab at the top of the screen, a pop up message screen will appear

Click on the user icon at top RHS of the pop up screen and a second pop up screen will appear for your account

Select the 3rd option to sign out

A browser window will appear asking if you wish to sign back in to all things Trimble

Enter your user name and password as usual, and heh presto, Sketchup fires up, recognises your license subscription and wants to play nicely again :smiley:

Hope this helps

I think there is a gremlin in the license validation that needs resolving or a lot of people shall have the same problem shortly

Many thanks to Anssi above for steering me in the right direction here

Have a great weekend everybody

The need to sign in ought to appear once in 28 days. I haven’t kept a diary, but my hunch is that it happens more often.