Why do I get an Invalid Subscription Server Response?

I can open another instance of SketchUp and then open any existing file or create a new one. However, if I try to open another file from within any instance - whether it be existing or new - I get this window. I can still work, but it is making me very nervous with a deadline looming. My license is all good until later next year… I get a similar window when using LayOut.

Why not try if the server response is now better?
Log out.[menu] Help > Signout (e-mailadres)
Close SketchUp (and LayOut)
Start SketchUp

You could sign out and sign in without closing SketchUp, then you can continue working on your current file, or start a new one.

That worked, thank you both.

I had never had that happen before so I wasn’t sure what was going on. Just out of curiosity, does this have anything to do with the server checking once a month (or however often that is) that I have an active license?


Yes, most likely it was that you had been using SketchUp for more than 28 days, without needing to sign out during that time.

I am having the same issues.

Yesterday my annual subscription was up for renewal. The card on file was declines, so I updated the card info. Both my bank account and Trimble’s subscription manager portal show my account as paid and my products as active. However, I’m still getting the “subscription server response is invalid” window when I try to export scenes. I can’t open multiple SketchUp files at once, I can’t create new LayOut files.

I’ve logged-off and back in. I’ve deleted SketchUp 21 and reinstalled it. Still getting the “server response”.

Sounds like it’s largely out of my hands as a user? Is there anything else I can do?

I’ve tried everything that’s been suggested, but still cannot work on Sketchup 2021, UPDATED VERSION for Pro 2021. I get the “subscription server response is invalid” and it’s very upsetting not to even be able to work on existing files saved in SketchUp 2021. I have an up-to-date subscription!

Sign out in SketchUp ([menu] Help > signout (e-mailadres)
You might wanna close SketchUp ([menu] File > quit
And then start it up, again.

Wow. That worked! I did not understand your other replies on how to fix it, although I tried to do those fixes and nothing worked. Sketchup 2021 is probably updating faster than I am personally aging… Anyway, I owe you a huge thank you!!!

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