Subscription server response is invalid

Hi, I am trying to use Sketchup but it keeps flagging up that my " Subscription server response is invalid " does anyone know what this means ? I renewed my licence in June so its not that this has expired !

Any advice is welcomed

sign out. [menu] Help > Signout (emailaddress)

stop SketchUp [menu] File > Quit

start SketchUp

Thanks Mike, Im back up and running

Hi, I have been having this problem too.

After reading suggestions of quitting sketchup and then logging back in I can get to work again. However, if I need more than one drawing open, and want to copy items from one to the other this doesn’t work - quitting Sketchup every time I want to swap between drawings.

I’ve uninstalled the latest version, and then re-installed it, but it hasn’t helped. I’m running on a mac with Big Sur 11.6.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Thank you!

How are you switching between the two documents?

A couple of ways: opening an additional existing file via Finder, attempting to open a new one, even opening the sketch up file from Viewport in Layout has given the error message on one occasion.

I’m now just updating the latest OS to see if maybe it’s Mac related.

If you are using Monterey, and were still on 12.0, 12.0.1 does seem to have some improvements that can stop SketchUp from crashing.

I was asking about how you switch between documents because some people have reported crashes when pressing the key below the Esc key, and Command-` is one way to switch between windows.

If you see a bugsplat window at all, do send it in, with your name and email entered. I can then look at the report and see if it gives more clues.

The upgrade in OS to Monterey seems to have ironed out the problems. I’ve been able to open multiple files today.

Thank you for your help.