Is anyone else sick of the Identity Verification Process

Thanks, Mike. Ended up finding the fix by using the Help dropdown to sign-out and signing back in to get things up and running. (think this was a fix from you many years ago for a similar problem)

What would be great is just a solid period of time when I can be sure I do not need to be connected to the internet and my SketchUp will open/save any file or not check subscription. I’ve never achieved this fabled 28 days so the checks must be more frequent. Maybe the 28 days could be a countdown that starts from the first failed server check? this would give people a reasonable amount of time to log on and update. I’m sure this could not be so hard to implement. lack of internet access on construction sites is really not that uncommon. It’s not a rare user case, I think.

If every software insists on going SAAS (for no good user reason other than financial investibillity ) then the least they could do is make the process of it foolproof.

So my month is up! It’s time to sign in!
But now my $300 a year software is a brick because of server issues on Trimble’s end.

What do I do now?

Imagine for a moment that SketchUp is a circular saw, and every once in a while, it simply won’t fire at all when you pull the trigger. It has a full battery, new blade, you’ve marked your cut and checked it twice, you line up your saw pull the trigger aaaannNNDD

In my opinion, based on my past experience with other software, this is pretty terrible, I’ve had no such problems with anything else.
Why doesn’t it make me sign in once a year, or not at all if it receives my auto renewal?

Is there a work around @colin ?

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Does this help?:
Log in errors (

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Yes it did!

I had to delete the login data file.

Had to crack open the saw and replace the brushes…

Glad the issue is fixed for me.

Thanks dezmo ( sorry I spelled your name wrong :blush: - “z” not an “s”)

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You are welcome!
Dezmo :wink:

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I feel sorry for you that you do not see the difference between the difficulty of logging in to the forum and the inability to run the program to work, fulfill the contract, not pay contractual penalties …


Off topic: No need to feel sorry, when this thing started, I realized things where getting different.

At that time, I was testing and experimenting for our large user base to see what impact it might have for our ‘classic’ users who where used to machine based licensing.
I am now used to having multiple accounts for all the different software/services/websites and all the troubles that come along, including loosing access to phones for M2F etc.
(Tip: use a password manager)
I can distinguish a forum sign in and that of the software.
My point was that nobody posts a successful sign in on this (or any) forum, no need for it, sorry if it offended you.

Starting to feel that way. Been using SKP for over 15 years. Despite initial reservations, have been pleased to see Trimble invest in Sketchup development after the change to a subscription model.

However the login process can be annoying.
Not too much in the usual scheme of things; like @DaveR on desktop (Mac) I only have to login once a month. But even this can be irritating when this constitutes every other session; my work can involve several months of design and development (lots of sketchup) followed by several months of hand and machine crafting (Not too much design but a lot of sketchup on iPad.)

And for the iPad its been pretty dire. If I open a file I have to log in every time. After a few minutes of this the other day I was then required to log in again. Its not consistent and may be related to different networks and internet connection types. I would expect that to be seamless though TBH.

It does seem a shame that those who are paying for the product have to constantly unlock the door to keep Trimble safe. Is there not another more lateral thinking way to keep these intellectual rights out of the wrong hands?


It is a pity that the Trimble security system works so that illegal users of SU use hacked copies of the sketchup and legal users are treated by the company as thieves waiting only for opportunities to use the program without a license.

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I think thats not the intention - but it is the outcome.

Im just trying to get into Sketchup on my Mac right now and am getting the attached message; no login dialogue, no link, just this.

I have no idea how to get in and may have to google it.

(Please no-one tell me I’m dumb and should log in from the task bar - obviously ill look there.) But this isn’t good form. Its almost as if Trimble have outsourced their Sktechup upper management to Autodesk…! :joy:

Found the Sign In under Licenses

Hit the button - App seized up and I had to force quit…

Trying again.

And finally Im in!

TRIMBLE: Please note that Sketchup let me in WITHOUT signing in this time.

It may be a back door for hackers…

There is an old adage: “locks exist to remind honest people that they are honest; locks have no impact on dishonest people”


Ok Im SEETHING now!!! Spitting, hissing, and throwing the desk through the window…

You may have inferred I’m ever so slightly disconsolate - and its the blasted Sketchup login…

Same issue with the desktop version - Same message comes up.

I try to log in and I’m already logged in. So I log out and try to log in.

Trimble fails to send verification code for 20 minutes where I receive all 5 at once.

Trouble is trying five times means Ive tried to log in too many times and now need to wait an unknown amount of time until Im allowed to log in again.

For good ness sake Trimble - Whats going on?


I’ve been getting this message pretty much daily - I wouldn’t mind doing this every 28 days as other members have described, but so far I’ve gotten this message as well has having to sign into the 3D Warehouse from a PC that I authenticated yesterday, and the day before.

Something is not working as intended (at least I hope that’s what the issue is)



Hi Sketchup Trimble overlords…

I think it may be time for you guys to chip in here and give us all an update on your plans regarding these constant issues or at least some acknowledgement of the discussion. let’s be honest its not going away and clearly growing.

Another 4 days after my last login drama, I find myself in a new version of the problem: I can log out of SU via the help pull down and back into get things going. Can do the same with LO but when I go to transfer a drawing from SU to LO I get the following error:

“Auth token cannot be used. The user must sign in”
“You can continue to use SketchUp, but you will not be allowed to start a new file or open an existing file.”

Both signed in. literally about to take a two-day trip into the Sri Lankan jungle and currently printing out endless amounts of paper drawings as paranoid that I won’t be able to access files on site due to no connection. Not really loving your modern tech right now Trimble! Especially as I expect to be working well into the night whilst I search for a fix to print out these items which are a fix in the first place for your server login failures *&%£$

Do I get to charge my hourly rate for these endless wasted hours?


regarding the legality stuff. Can we all just agree that illegal options of ALL software are ALWAYS available? Honestly, this much protection does nothing to help the bottom line. Most people in this industry (Especially in non-western countries) choose to pay, there is really no requirement too HAVE to pay. yet they do pay. If anything hacked software is just a long-term trial for low-budget users to build enough business to warrant the investment. I’m 99% sure this profit protection reduces income through frustration far more than it increases profit.


I use SketchUp all day, every day professionally, it’s very annoying. I would be very happy to go back to the licence key. I also like to be able to take my laptop away, and work remotely - but it’s very difficult or near impossible.
Long time user, I generally agree with all of the complaints, although I generally keep quiet in the background.


I got a better Idea. If google wont buy it back and fix it, then sell it to Elon Musk and he can fix it!

I dont understand the sign in process. I only use sketchup once a month or so, and I forget wht I’m supposed to do to get back in. I am in that situation right now. I dont know how to open it. "A Token cannot be used…blah blah. " I dont have a token. stuck and looking for an easy to use 3d drawing program.