Updated to 22

I have just updated to 22 now Trimble is saying my email is not valid and will not let me work. Not sure what to do on a Sunday.

You could go to the park, or to myaccount.trimble.com in a webbrowser and sign in with the email address that bought the subscription to check what product access it has in the Member section.

I liked the suggestion about the park.

Meanwhile, you have your subscription assigned to accounting@ your company, and not your own email address. Sign in with accounting@ and things should be working.

I have now managed to download sketch 22, and now it says that I have too many accounts; not sure what is going on. Sketch up has to be one of the most challenging programs I have as far as updates go

I see you are typing a reply, so maybe you will already answer my suggestion.

Each sign in of SketchUp is counted. If you are signed in a couple of times with 2021, a sign in to 2022 will look like you have signed in too many times. Open 2021 and sign out, then in 2022 sign out, and sign in again, and there should be a sign in available.

Thank you! I have it work now.