Group (Base Case) - Want to have Groups Option 01 & 02

I have a Base Case Group and would like to establish Group Options 01 & 02 so I can toggle between Layers when discussing with Contractor.

I have copied and pasted plus positioned into the same location but unable to get the new options to load, even in Layer 0.

Note: I tried changing to different components but still ended up with a dog’s breakfast.

Guidance please.

What is your model about? And how is it organized? There may be a good way to switch between both options.

It is for a workshop beneath the driveway; I.e a portion of an entire house.

I want to show different ways to support the entire driveway; e.g.

Base Case: Existing supports (beams & posts)

Plus Options 01 & 02 which will show an area where I can relocate a single beam plus posts. The balance of the base case would remain as is.

Are there any images available?

You could work with different layers.
Base Case with no layer assigned to it (meaning it is still “on” Layer0) or whatever layer(s) you wish to apply for your model.

I hope you are using SketchUp Pro or at least the desktop version.

Without geolocationg your model, create two extra layer:

  • Location Terrain (this will trigger the button ‘Toggle Terrain’. Also assign a shortcut key to the button’s operation).
  • Location Snapshot

Assign say Location Terrain to all groups of option 01
assign Location Snapshot to all groups of option 02

The ‘Toggle Terrain’ button lets you toggle between both options. Or use the shortcut key to speed up switching.

Yes, how do I send? The file is 30 MBs

You can upload to 3DWarehouse or DropBox and share the link here.
I’m using the web version now and have no ‘Toggle Terrain’ button right now.
But you can apply what I wrote in my previous post.

I think using the toggle terrain option, while a useful, advanced technique, is more than needed here.
Just getting your various parts assigned with layer tags so you can turn them on and off would be a good start.

I will try. I have made multiple Groups and Components and put on different Layers but I only get Blue outlines without the element!!

It is, but the button is “camera position” independent. Working with layer sets and scenes can be a pain unless you exclude the camera position.

This came up before and you didn’t address the issue.

Yes, Sketchup Pro 2019

Finally, I have cracked by exploding, making a Group and using the Entity function.

Thanks for you efforts!!!

I have no clue what you did to solve your problem but …
I knew I was right, … as always, :wink: