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I am new to Sketchup and everything is kind of okay. I am having a layer problem that happens sometimes. I am making a house plan. I would make group A and put it in layer one. Then I would make group B and put it in layer two. I close all the layers but zero. If I open layer one group A would be visible. I would then close layer one and open layer two. There is nothing in it. Nothing shows in the outliner box also.But if I open both layers then I get both groups visible. However if close layer two group B disappears. I have to have both layers open to see the contents of one of the layers. The group seems to be in both layers or none at all. Help.

Upload the SketchUp file so we can see your model and the structure.

It sounds like you have the entities (lines and surfaces that make up the groups) assigned to different layers. Everything you draw should be on Layer 0. Groups, as they are created can then be assigned to different layers.

As you draw, make sure that Layer ) is ALWAYS the active layer. All you should be doing with the other layers is toggling the visibility flag on and off.

Open group two > select all > assign Layer0 to the selection.
Basic (ungrouped) entities should be/stay “on” Layer0. It sounds as if group two has its entiies “on” layer one though.

p.s. and probably also group one has its entities “on” layer one. Assign Layer0 to its entities.

Midnight 3.skp (2.5 MB)

Here is what I am working on. It may be a bit confusing because I am making a exact framing plan from the conceptual drawing. The foundation layer is in some kind of conflict with the first floor box joist layer and FOW layer. Toggle through them please.

You have the walls (from the FOW layer) IN the group that contains the foundation walls. Further, you have a lot of geometry on various layers. If you select ANY line or surface, it should be on Layer 0.

If I open the foundation layer it shows just the foundation in the outliner box. I still don’t get it.

Close everything but layer zero. Then open first box joist and nothing appears on screen or outliner. Then open FOW and the same happens. Now open foundation and all three appear. But then close the FOW layer and it disappears. Same with first floor box joist. How do I fix this? Thank you for your time.

You have placed a group INSIDE another group. Don’t look at Outliner. Just double click on the Foundation group. Notice that you can then select the FOW walls? They need to be moved OUT of the group.

RIght now, you seem to have stuff all over the place… With your groups in groups and things on various Layers, Outliner is going to show some weird stuff!

Thanks for your help. I was able to fix the problem. I found out how to explode. I think I know what you are talking about selecting items in layer zero only. I may have erroneously draw in the foundation layer instead of zero. Thanks again for your help.

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