How Do You Work With Layers?


So, I am new to SketchUp, and I an definitely not a professional, so I need some help. I was recently making a house for my I.T project and I got stuck with layers. When I was making my base layer, I left out a chunk of wall by accident. Because of this, the wall is not included in the layer, and I do not know how I can redo the layer again. I tried back spacing but it will not work. Also, I make a copy of the house to see if that would do anything, but everything stays on layer zero. So, basically, I want to make a new ‘base layer,’ but on my original house plan, I left out a chunk of wall, and on the copy, I can not make a new layer since everything is still on layer zero. Do any of you have any suggestions? I do not really understand all of this professional architecture stuff either. I have only just started using it! Please help!

Also, I am really sorry if this question doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know how to say it in any other way.

The first place to start is with the Knwoledge Base article on Layers.

Essentially, layers are used ONLY to control the visibility of groups/components and text entities. They do not create separation between entities. Layer 0 remains active at all times. You would draw your walls or whatever, make them a group or component and then assign that group or component to another layer. don’t make other layers active and keep all edges and faces on Layer 0.

How about uploading your SKP file so we can take a look?

AutoSave_Digital Design - Eco Friendly House copy.skp (203.0 KB)

So, here is my house so far. I am trying to make a new layer where the ENTIRE house is included. However, instead of that happening, everything is stuck on Layer 0. If the house must stay on layer 0, then is it okay if I make the roof on top? Or should I still create a new layer with the whole house? Thank you for your help so far!!

ALL of the edges and faces should stay on Layer 0. Make a group or component of the walls and move the group/component to a new layer.

I sent you a PM.

You’ll want to correct the face orientation so all white front faces are out and you might want to break the house up into separate group so you can choose to show only what you want to show.

In many programs layers introduce the concept of drawing contexts, a way to separate things and avoid them from sticking with each other. In SketchUp groups and componnets serve that purpose (and their hierarchy can be viewed in the Outliner). What is called layer in SketchUp is not something entities are placed at but rather an attribute or tag that is appplied to entities, a little similar to how e.g. materials work.

To organize a model, make each individual object a group or component. To control visibility of the objects you may optionally create layers and assign to them.

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