Trouble with layers


Ok I am new to sketch up and using the newest down load 2015 basic not pro. My trouble is when I create a new layer and push/pull to extrude a shape and then go back to layer 0 and try and hide the other layer it is still there. I can see the lines get turned on and off but the extrusion stays. This makes no sense to me from my photoshop experience. Am I doing something wrong please help this newbie.


Hello and I myself had trouble figuring them out, PLEASE DO YOURSELF a favor and watch the video!! I can work with them but have a hard time explaining them. Layer 0 is where you do all your drawing and assigning a item to its own layer is to control its visibility. This video will get you going in the right direction as SU layers do not work as you would apply if it were Photoshop. If I draw a book case all parts are in layer 0 and I assign top, sides, shelf’s a individual layer. Then use Entity info to assign the part to its layer, so I select a shelf in the model then use the drop down in Entity info and select shelf. Then you can turn it on or off by un-checking it. But you most stay in layer 0…it is weird but just takes some practice with it…Be right back…


The pic`s may help as with the video… The first pic I turned off / un-checked bottom - top but it is still visible. After I assigned it using the entity info box I can turn it on and off. As with the others after I assigned them. But always stay on layer 0 and when you work with scenes you need to use entity info and layers to set them up. I am sure someone else will add to this. I am new and sometime you feel like your feeling your way around blind. My explanation is probably not Official SketchUp 101 and will be shredded by someone but better then what you had and should get you moving forward…Peace…


Keep Layer0 active at all times. Do not ever place raw geometry (edges and faces) on a Layer other than Layer0. Place only groups or components on layers other than Layer0. Fail to heed these guidelines at your own peril.



Made sure I did mention Layer 0 in both posts but assumed he would have grouped or made a components. That screwed me up big time at first ~ Thanks for confirmation.


@mrwmrutski, sorry, I didn’t mean to reply directly to you; my advice was of course for the OP.



No worries, in fact THANKS!! The info you provide is concise and spot on. I am raw and still wet but do mean to help, and after a while. Those who have mastered or invested a few years with this forget how bobble headed we can be starting out. I appreciate any corrections or reiterating something I missed or was mis-guided. And usually from frustration and being over zealous is where we make most of our mistakes, Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge…Peace…


It’s best to read the help article in addition to viewing the video.

Here they are on one page… Does SketchUp support layers? — SketchUp Help Article w/ Video


This is the best explanation of SU layers vs. how Photoshop or Autodesk`s Sketchbook differ…Peace…


I know you mean well, but I think this post is far more confusing than it is helpful.


Thank you everyone for your help!