Problems with layers - mystery layer?


I am trying to add text, but some of it seems to add to a layer that is not listed in the Layers list, so I can’t get rid of it. When I move something, some of the text does not move (and also parts of the drawing seem to be on that mystery layer, too.).



Could you upload an example model that illustrates the problem?


Edit > Unlock > All
Edit > Unhide > All
View > Hidden Geometry

In the “Layers” inspector, you can select all as well from it’s utility menu, then check one of the unchecked layers, and they will all be checked.


Just deleted everything that didn’t move when I moved the layer (I have only one layer now). Also unlocked all, and viewed hidden geometry. Nothing changes - some new text that I added is on the “Mystery” layer and doesn’t move, other things added around the same time are where I want them, although the size changes if I zoom. For instance, all the labels for the views are disconnected from the actual drawing, as well as some labels I added recently. I’ll upload what I’m working on - it’s still pretty simple.

porch drawing.skp (202.1 KB)

Hope you can help. I really like this package - it’s the level of complexity I need, and I’m learning it fairly quickly.If we can solve this…


Have you been told yet that all primitives, (faces, edges, curves, circles, polygons, etc.) need to always be assigned to “Layer0” ?

Groups and Component Instances can be assigned to other layers for controlling visibility. But the entities within their entities collection(s) are still assigned to “Layer0”.

In SketchUp, layers are a visibility property. They are not a collection of entities. Entities are not “ON” a layer.
Layers do not prevent entities from interacting / intersecting, etc. This is what Groups or Components are for.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I understand your point about visibility, but that doesn’t explain why most items move together and other things don’t. I thought they were all on Layer 0, since that’s the only Layer in use. I deleted the others. When I look at Entity Info, all of them say they are on Layer 0 (or assigned to it, if that’s the proper terminology).

What happens when you open the file I uploaded?


Your problem is that several of your text items use “view based” leaders. This means they are anchored to the view, as opposed to any part of the model. This kind of text remains in a fixed place on the viewport instead of moving along with the model. This behavior has nothing to do with layers. As has been noted in earlier replies, layers are not grouping constructs in SketchUp. There is no “mystery layer” in your model.

Athough it is possible to see this property via the Entity Info window, I don’t think it is possible to modify it. Instead, when you create the text you need to start by clicking a location on the model to use as an anchor. After you enter the text, reactivate the selection tool, select the text, and in Entity Info choose Arrow: None and Leader: Hidden. Then the text will move with the rest of your model. If you set a text size in model units instead of points, it will also scale (I think…).


The first thing I notice is that it is not a model. It is an attempt to draft a set of 2D projections in a 3D application. (You are trying to use SketchUp for what Layout was designed for.)

2nd: The camera is in perspective mode, when it should be in parallel projection for this kind of 2D work.

3rd: The style used has it’s “Hidden Geometry” unchecked.

4th. The Steve component’s instance and definition is still in the model. (Should purge unused components.)

  1. Screen-based Text objects are problematic in a 3D drawing. (They do not work well with Panning or Zooming.)

  2. All text is point sized which looks strange when zoomed in. (They’d be better at say 12" height or so.)

  3. All the text callouts are 3D objects which makes them hard to control in a 2D manner. (Which you realized.)

Basically you are trying to shoehorn a 2D multi-view drawing into a 3D modeling application.

There is another thread around here where we all list free or cheap 2D applications.


You’ve been incredibly helpful. Thanks for taking time to explain the situation, and so clearly. It probably is indeed the wrong software - I googled, and tried to limit the search to 2D applications, but obviously failed.

I’ll check out the link you sent. I’m not trying to do anything in 3d, at least for the time being!