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Having a problem with entities locking themselves to layers they were created in and not moving to layers I designate for them. The layer listed in the entity info window may be correct but they will still be locked to another. Baffled. Any guesses?

Could you upload the .skp file? It is hard to tell what you got going on from description only.
Use the upload icon(7th from left)

A-frame construction.skp (636.5 KB)
A good example of my problem is my roof sheeting shown in the model. If you toggle the layer visibility, it somehow exists on both the roof sheeting layer and the wall sheeting layer.

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You should [almost] always have your current-layer set to be Layer0.
All basic geometry should always be created ‘on’ Layer0.

Once you have some entities which you wish to ‘make separate’, then you need to make a group or component-instance of that geometry.
Then assign a different layer to that ‘container’.

SketchUp’s layers do not separate geometry, they simply control the visibility of the things which are assigned to that layer.

Assigning different layers to raw geometry is a recipe for disaster/
Use Layer0 for ALL raw geometry, and then group/component the bits - then assign another layer to the selected ‘container’

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That makes sense. I’m coming at it from an old autocad approach. Assuming layer0 is just a default layer name though, I don’t see why it should make any difference. As it stands I create components from my initial piece of geometry and then edit them out into a finished form in order to keep control of their “containers”.

Aside from the dangerous layer0 assignments @TIG mentioned, you have problems with the layer assignments of nested geometry. For example, the “roof shheting” component instances are nested inside a group. The former are associated with the “wall sheeting” layer, but their containing group is associated with the “roof sheeting” layer. When the “roof sheeting” layer is not visible, the group and its contents will not be visible regardless of the layers of the contents. But when the “roof sheeting” layer is visible, the “wall sheeting” layer will determine the visibility of those nested component instances.

Just trust. Leave Layer 0 active at all times so all edges and faces are made and remain on Layer 0. Only assign components and groups to other layers. This allows you to control the visibility of the components and groups (and their contents) and you don’t have to chase around making sure you are putting new drawing entities on the right layer.

Good enough for me. Thanks for your help folks.

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