Groups and components in layers

SketchUp Make 2016 16.1.1449 64-bit.

  1. Create any 2 new layers. Ex. Layer1 & Layer2.
  2. Create any model or a group in Layer1.
  3. Select it and change it’s Layer in “Entity Info” to Layer2.
    Bug description: Now, when you hide Layer 2, the model/group hides, but if you hide layer 1 - it does to.
    Reason: The group/model now belongs to Layer2, but all components of it still belong to layer 1…

Got it when tried to group in layers different parts of eng. systems in my house.

It isn’t a bug if you’re using layers incorrectly.

You should read about layers in the help files.

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I have rad this topic. I do not try to separate geometry by layers, but only visibility.
It is said, “Always draw individual entities on Layer0 and leave them there”. If it is so, then we have a rule: We should not change the Layer for an Entity, if we did - then we should not group it, until we move it back in Layer 0.
So, If we want to separate visualization of any entity, we have to do a group with it.
Ok, It is not a BUG then. We have to remember, that Entity in a group still belongs to the layer, where it was at the moment of creation of the group.

Raw geometry remains on Layer 0, Groups and Components can be on any layer, but their raw geometry is still on layer 0.
Never ever change the active layer, except in the rare case of when you know what you are doing and why.