Changing layers

Hi there I was wondering if there is a better way to do something like this.

Let’s say I create a component that is compost of 6-7 groups and I created under Layer A but then I decide to move it under Layer B. At this point I must open all the groups and select all the geometry and move them in the Layer B…is there a fast way to do it? Like under “Entity info” will be nice to have an option that change the group/component and all the stuff included in it

There are two different levels of this issue.

First, all primitive geometry (edges, faces) should be drawn on layer0 and should remain there. You should never draw or associate primitives with anything except layer0. Putting it on other layers will risk endless confusion because layers do not isolate geometry from other geometry; Groups and Components do that. You will get interactions between what you are drawing and other non-grouped primitives on non-visible layers! A Group or ComponentInstance does not require its primitives to be on the same layer as the container. So, there are downsides and no benefits from putting primitives anywhere but layer0.

Second, it is possible but inadvisable to put nested Groups and ComponentInstances onto a different layer than their containing Group or ComponentInstance. The reason not to do so is that you can get confusing effects when the layers of inner Groups or ComponentInstances have different visibility than the layer of their container.

Finally, yes, there are some plugins that can recursively move all the contents of a Group to a different layer. Search the Extension Warehouse or sources such as sketchUcation’s plugin store.

Thanks for the reply…I was avoiding to use Layer0 because I’m using Twilight for rendering and since last update you were not be able to see stuff on that layer.

Perhaps because you changed the active layer and turned layer0 off.
Don’t change the active layer.