Problem with layers dq

I have a model of a flat with 2 different layers for 2 alternative designs. There is a door that I cannot make different in each layer, or even always there irrespective of layer. The layers are Partition Centre/Split Doors. Anyone know how to fix this? See Warehouse model “Problem with Layers dq”

Open the door group or component and see if the entities (edges and faces) have one of these layers assigned to them. They should be ‘on’ Layer0 at all times. Only assign groups and components to other layers than Layer0, if needed for controling visibility (in scenes).

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Have uploaded the model now.
Wanting to show (my wife) the comparison of the 2 designs, so easily switch between the 2 alternatives by turning the layers on and off.
NB: Have started to use scenes, as this seems a good way to let her see it herself on her ipad with sketchup viewer (as that has no Walk feature)

It’s still not visible here.

Here it is, I don’t have time to look at it just now.

You need to read up on how SketchUp’s layers work and rethink how you have assigned them to things in your model.

SketchUp’s layers are visibility flags that can be shared by several entities, nothing more. They do not isolate, collect, or “own” anything. They don’t even know what entities are using them, quite the opposite: as SketchUp generates the view, for each entity it checks the layer the entity refers to to decide whether that entity should be visible. It starts with the entity, not with the layer, because the entity knows about a layer but the layer doesn’t know about any entities.

When a containing group or component instance is assigned a non-visible layer, all its contents are non-visible regardless of what layers they use. Conversely, when the container is assigned a visible layer, the layers of its contained entities govern what is visible.

As @Wo3Dan speculated, you have a lot of edges and faces associated with layers other than Layer0. You also have nested entities associated with layers unrelated to their container’s layer. That can work, but you have to plan it carefully and pay attention to avoid issues such as you are seeing. I don’t think I understand quite what you were trying to show, so I won’t fix your model for you. But I can assure you the problems are due to your usage of layers.


Sorry, I was slow to catch on to the fact that you had provided the name for the 3Dwarehouse model you had uploaded, and not a link directly to it.

Your partition that is on the layer Partition Centre Doors has some of its geometry (though not all of it) on a Kitchen and Bathroom layer. I reset that all to be on Layer0 - which should ALWAYS be the layer for what you draw as loose geometry, before you make it into a component or group. Assign layers ONLY to components or groups, NOT to geometry inside them.

Some of your other geometry is not on Layer0 either. I’ve run the Cleanup plugin, which among other things can put all geometry on Layer0, purges unused layers, components and groups.

Which door is the one you can’t get to behave?

The model now works more or less as expected, though you have a duplicated door in the further opening in the right hand wall visible both in the model and in the image above.

It would be easier to keep track of what is what in your drawing if you were to make components (rather than groups, even if you only use one example of the component) and give each a meaningful name.

If you view the model in Monochrome style, you will see you have quite a number of reversed faces - coloured blue or grey blue by default.

And your walls, the floor and the kitchen cabinets are all ‘loose geometry’. Get into the habit of making EVERYTHING part of a component (or if you prefer, though I don’t use them, groups), as you draw it (always on Layer0, which you should leave as the default layer - make sure its radio button in the layers window is always checked). I haven’t done anything about that, but you should - usually, make each wall or group of walls into a component, each cabinet, and items of furniture etc.

Here’s the cleaned up model. It’s too big to upload directly, so I’ve had to zip it.

Partition options - corrected (2.5 MB)

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@daveqbuy is not alone in the misuse of layers and reversed faces.
The Kolbe Door component from 3D Warehouse exhibits both issues, as well as painted edges.

thanks a lot. i need to spend some time revamping it now.

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