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How do I get greyed out section which doesn’t want to work like the rest co operate with the plan? Tools menu won’t turn it into an active group with the white selected roof top triangles.

I need to push up the section of roof as a whole.


It’s not obvious what you are trying to do. Also, it may help to upload the SU file.


Is this what you are trying to do?

Push Pull tool only works with simple shapes

Looks as though @carmen wants two lines from the apex to back corners of the square, not just one to the midpoint, in which case the final Move would be selecting only the apex point, not line, I think.

Sorry, I don’t have your fluency with animated GIFs, Box! Something like this?


Well, the GIF seemed to work - easier than I expected.

@carmen, if the steps in either GIF aren’t obvious, here are the steps.

  1. Draw the base rectangle.

  2. Use the Arc tool with 3 sides to draw the extension, then select the curve and R-click, then Explode it. (Otherwise the corners will have softened edges when pushpulled up).

  3. Pushpull the walls up.

  4. Draw the ridge lines with the Line tool

  5. Make sure nothing is selected, then place the Move tool on the apex point, tap the Up arrow (to lock the move on Blue axis) then move up.


that makes no sense. Early on the design was to be an addition onto a bungalo. Are you really draining the roof back to the building?


Doing the math first on a gazebo. People have helped me out doing the 3d component part but I want to perfect it to the plans so I did the math first. do%20the%20math%20first
So width is 4200 which I used for back wall of the 6th side. Did a perpendicular for the diameter as 4300. Got the square of the far side at half of the 2025 number and made each rectangle be 2400 height and 3060, you can see the numbers using a comma separation. So why instead of 2035 for two sides do I get 1438?


For anyone to whom I fail to reply by message email, sorry, but I have 2 google accounts so similar one with a (.) that seem to toggle between devices and block transfer to this board because not legitimized.

On the roof draining backwards, no, it runs to apex in back of the building and I have no measurement for that except for the floor space diagram. Am attaching to the bungalow but working the gazebo as something to pull into it afterwards. The math is not squaring but I’ve been kindly shown how to do it by Simon.


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