GAFE school and cannot login via Google


Hi SketchUp Team,

The URL from the Google Marketplace app is presenting the same pop-up However, the regular SketchUp app is loading at


  • John Chen


I wonder if we could have our domain whitelisted as well? We deliberately have Google Classroom turned off to ensure everyone uses our regular LMS. Our domain is

Thank you


We just added the Sketchup for Schools app also and are having the same issue. From reading the posts - it looks like we may need to be added to a whitelist? Sketchup Team can you please add our domain for Washington ISland School District:



Hi Joy,

I wanted to followup up with from my previous post, that we’ve tested logging in on a few accounts, and are still receiving the error. Could we get added to the whitelist as well,


  • John Chen


@johnchen @tom.nikolai @NealC your domains have all been added to our whitelist.


We are having the same issue. Can you add please?


Thank you very much @joy - it worked, and I have a very happy classroom today.


Hi Joy,

It’s working now. Thanks for your help.

  • John Chen


Hi Joy,
I’m glad it worked for a couple of the others, but it still is not working for us:

Anything else we can try?


I just wanted to report that I was able to get this to work. The magic setting was in Chrome - the “Third-Party Cookie Blocking” setting was set to “Disallow third party cookies”. I changed it to “Allow user to decide whether to block third-party cookies”. That worked and I am no longer getting the sign-in error.


Can someone please whitelist our domain?
We deployed the Sketch Up for Schools app for our K-12 institution, but it is not recognizing that we are a GAFE district.


@gutermuthc you’re all set.


It works! Thanks so much!


Request that and be added to the whitelist for Sketchup for Schools. Thanks.

Edited: I have been told that students can log but not myself or teachers.


Hello all,

I am the IT Services Technician for Geffen Academy, we have recently acquired “Sketch Up” on our G Suite Domain, however attempting to log in to, all users including students, staff, and faculty, will receive the following error,

"Are you in the right place?

SketchUp for Schools is only avialable for students and teachers in primary and secondary education programs"

Our G Suite for Education account has enabled Sketchup for Schools.

I’ve already filled out the survey and have not received a response from Sketup support for some time.


I am a Gsuite admin for our domain and am trying to add Sketchup for Schools but all users are experiencing the same issue with our domain not being recognized (“Are you in the right place?” error that loops back around.)

I’ve filled out the support form already but if this is the better way to request, could someone please add * to the whitelist in the Sketchup system? I have been over settings numerous times and everything appears to be correctly enabled, we have staff and students who use classroom all the time. Thanks!


Request that and be added to the whitelist. We are K-12.



I am the IT manager of a school in Spain with GAFE.
I think there is a problem with the suborganizations. Users who are inside suborganizations receive the message constantly that they need to start a Google for Education account, but users who are in the base group of the organization, can log in without problems.
I can not change this setting, so could you add our domain to the whitelist?
Our domain is

Thank you very much.


Hi @KAPARTE, please provide your school’s email domain and we’ll add you to the whitelist.


@greg.pipkins the two domains you requested have been added. Give it a try now.