GAFE school and cannot login via Google


@millerbl, @jnogosek, @SergioIT,

Your schools’ domains have been added to our whitelist. You should all be able to access S4S now.


Hello Joy. thank you for reaching out. Domain should be


You are all set now.


May I please request our domains to be whitelisted?

Thank you


@jlamb good to go.



Please also whitelist the domains

Thank you!

AMADEUS International School Vienna


@daniel.svejda good to go!


Nice. Seems to be working without Classroom now.

Thank you!


Can you help ensure is added to the whitelist. Having similar issues with our student accounts.



You’re added.


Please add and to the whitelist


Please add and to your whitelist. Thank you!

Thanks -
Jen C.
Central Kitsap School District
Silverdale, WA


@vincent1 and @jenniferc you should be all set! Please let us know if you have any further issues launching SketchUp for Schools.

As a reminder to anyone else who is having difficultly accessing SketchUp for Schools, if your district’s G Suite Administrator has followed Google’s deployment instructions and you are still receiving an error message, please let us know so we can add your school’s domain to our whitelist of approved schools!


It’s working great now. Thanks so much!

Jennifer Cleven
Technology Integration Specialist
Central Kitsap School District



Could you please add to your whitelist?



Our school is another with the “Are you in the right place?” message. Could you please help?
Our domain:

Kind regards,


@mlami @omand, your school’s domains have been added to our whitelist.


Thank you.


We are encountering this same issue within our domain. Is it still necessary to have the schools domain added to your whitelist for this to work?


Hi @Dadmin,

The whitelist is only necessary if you are your school’s administrator and you are having trouble installing SketchUp for Schools from the G Suite Marketplace. If you’ve tried to install without any luck, please send us your school’s domain and we’ll add you.