Friends cannot open a sketchup file

Hi, i have the newest version from sketchup pro 2023, also a friend of mine.
but when he try to open the file it shows this is not a sketchup file.

i have no idea what´s wrong, can you help? many thanks Stefan
Physioclimb_basis_0823.skp (396.3 KB)

Does your friend have SketchUp 2023? It opened fine for me. It’s odd that the central channel has such a huge bounding box. A section cut isn’t the right way to “trim” the channel to length.

Yes, that´s what we don´t understand, he just updated to newest version…

What operating system is he using?

What happens if you save the file back to a 2020 version? Can he open it then?

What if you purge the unused stuff from the file before saving it?

i have purged the unused stuff and saved again in 2020 version, but he still cannot open the file.

he is using windows 10.

there is another guy i have send the file - he can open and work it.

and one more guy can also not open the file - i have no idea why some can open and some not…

Evidently those who can’t open it have the problem. It’s not your file. Confirm the SketchUp version they are using.

All of us use the 2023 sektchup Pro Abo version.
And it´s quiet a big problem because we all must work on this files.
Right now i export to DWG and they import as DWG - that works but this is for sure not what it should be…

What is “Abo”?

What operating system? Exactly what error message do they get when they try to open it?

What happens if you set them up as team members in a Project on Trimble Connect and publish the model to the project? Can they open it from there?

Does it happen with other files, too?

yes, it also happens with other files.
we ll use the newest Pro version for Desktop / Windows.

i have now created the trimble connect and invited them - waiting for their reply.
But i don´t pay quiet a lot of money each year and simple files cannot be shared easily.

I don’t know what this means or what it has to do with the issue.

It should be quite simple, especially with Trimble Connect. That’s part of what it is designed to do.

It would appear though that your colleagues who have trouble opening your SketchUp model file have some issue with their computer or their installation of the program or maybe even with the way the file is being sent. If you can get the exact error message from them maybe we can narrow down the cause from that.

Can they open the file you shared in your post, above?

Trimble Connect is not free (or just for one project as far as i have seen…)
my collegues can open sketchup files from other guys wihtout a problem, so i´m pretty sure they don´t have a problem with their installation.
The text is: “This is not a sketchup file” when they try to open…
the file i have sent by email.
2 of my collegues cannot open, but one collegue can open it.

You say you have SketchUp 2023 Pro. Part of your subscription cost covers your Trimble Connect storage.

There’s clearly something getting screwed up in the translation between your computer and theirs when you e-mail the file.

Your colleagues are also using Sketchup 2023 Pro, correct?

If you are a pro subscriber you have a commercial version included - so no problem
There is also a free version for them if they wish to host projects.

It opens with 0 issues for me, so something is going wrong along the way or they are doing something wrong.

When they get the SketchUp file in an e-mail from you, what is the file extension? Is it .skp?

Hmhh, we use sketchup now for more than 12 years and always sent files per email.
the first time i had this problems have been using the first 2022 sketchup version.
Before we have used 2017 and 2019 and with this versions we had no problem (and we sent always with email)

Also the collegue who can open the file got it by email…

i have absolutely no idea, but really good to know that my plan covers connect storage. thanks!

i will try this way and than we´ll see…many thanks for your help!

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What operating system on their computers? Windows?

Opens fine for me in SUP 2022 on Windows 10, although I get the usual “This file was created on a later version of SketchUp…” warning.

Yes, they have windows, 10 and 11.

And it opens with 0 issues for me in the up to date SketchUp Web Free version (e.i. online).
So there the shared file seems to be ok.