Can anyone open my file? Won't open in Pro 2021 or 2022, and web version says it's not a sketchup file

I have some floorplans and modeling saved for a client that I worked on last year. Now they’re asking for some measurements from the original model as they’re finalizing plans, but I no longer use the subscription, and thought I could simply access the model through a free trial. Well, it’s not opening up… none of my files are, and I have a ton of 2021 and 2022 files. I even tried opening them up through the web browser and it doesn’t recognize any as sketchup files at all.
These are all saved on a hard drive, not on one drive or anything, so I’m stumped as to why none are working. Tried on 3 different PC’s to no avail.
Wondering if anyone is able to open it at all, because my last resort is to pay for the Pro subscription, but I don’t want to spend the $$$ just yet since I’m not even confident that it’ll solve the issue.
Drivers are up to date, and all PC’s are running on windows 11.

Any help is truly appreciated! If it can be opened at all, then that’s good news.

Here’s the link to a file that won’t open for me:

It can be opened perfectly in SketchUp 2023

I tried to purge it but it takes a lot of time… I had to restart sketchup.
Only by copying and pasting in a new file the file size is reduced by 90%

It opened fine for me in 2022, I purged it and it removed this.

The purged model opens in the web version, and here is a share link to the viewer version so you can check the dimensions.

This is amazing - at least I can see the dimensions in the viewer, so that helps a ton— especially if I can’t open it up in 2021 or 2022. Still unsure why it just won’t open for me, so I can’t even purge it, but in the meantime, this is extremely appreciated!

As you can see from the purge report @Box showed, this model is severely bloated with things that are not being actively used in the model. That makes it immense, likely too large for the viewer or web version to handle without the purge.

Appreciate you testing this out! Gives me hope that the 2023 version will work, so at least it won’t be a waste of time/money. Biggest takeaway is that my files aren’t completely gone

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I’d be checking this, do you have a valid license for either 21 or 22? Because the files should open in at least 22. If a valid version isn’t working then it suggests an issue with your computer, perhaps the Graphic Card drivers need updating. We wouldn’t want you to spend the money for 2023 and then find it still doesn’t work due to some other issue.

If you’re using sketchup 2022, means that you have a subscription plan, sketchup 2022 was the first version sold just under subscription, you can download sketchup 2023 and install it in your pc, if the 2021 version you acquired with the same subscription you should probably uninstall it, anyways it’s not supported anymore. You can have just 2 activations to use sketchup but having previous versions will also affect the activations.