SketchUp Problems

Hello, im hopeing some can help me??

I have bought the SketchUp pro 2022 (student) however recently it told me to download the latest version and that is what i did - SketchUp 2023 however this morning it logged out and telling me to download the 2024 version and i did however since them I’ve had trouble, my files will not open even on my pro one. Ive tried uninstalling and still no luck, i can see my work is on the 2024 version however when i access it it will not let me, it says unexpected file format and I’m not sure why?

Ive tried everything but still no luck and need to access my work for uni

Can anyone give suggestion

Upload the file to the forum, use a file transfer service if it is larger than 16 MB and provide access to it. We can try to open it and possibly figure out the reason you are having issues with it.