Fresh restart of SketchUp

After reaching a state of hanging SketchUp, every restart leads to the same hang on the formerly open file. How can I launch SU with a fresh new file instead of the previously open one?

Do you not have the Welcome Window set to show on startup? Look in Preferences>General and enable it if it is disabled. Then you should be able to pick a blank template on startup instead of the last file.

Every time I launch the program, it tries to restore the state it was in when it crashed or was force quit. I don’t get the chance to do anything. The previous open model opens and I get a spinning beach ball forever.

Hmmm… If you open that file and save it will SketchUp quit trying to open it?

I never get the opportunity to control the program at all. If I could get it to forget about the previous state, and start fresh, then I could at least do something - even go back to the previous saved version.

Another question might be: Where are all these saved versions of models that it offers you to open instead of the saved version? Is it possible to delete them in the Finder?

I think they should be in ~/Library/Application Support. On my PC the files are in the path shown.
Screenshot - 11_15_2023 , 10_08_57 AM

I think in the Private Preferences.json the recovered file is also listed. Maybe editing that to remove the file would take care of it.

So, you first open SU and then open the file from inside SU? Why not just open the file directly?

I can’t remember the last time I just opened the program.

I don’t even get the chance to do that. I simply launch the program, the previously opened files are automatically open and on screen (I can see them) and the program hangs forever. I never get the chance to control the program at all, or choose to do any kind of action.

Actually on trying again, I see a split second with everything loaded, and a cursor, and then the spinning beach ball starts. One more try.

Had this happen once, on Mac. Had to find the folder where the recovered files were saved. I think it was Library>Application Support>SketchUp>Working or something like that. I moved all the files there to the desktop and it launched fine. Didn’t need the files so trashed them.

I was just poking around that folder, though the file I’m working on isn’t there. I have wanted to clean up that mess anyway.

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What I’m saying is don’t launch the program. Go to your file and open it directly. With windows, it’s simply double clicking the file.

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Hmmm. Maybe move the file you think it is somewhere else… so it can’t path to it. Not sure if that will help.

I was in this spot once and that didn’t work. I tried opening the suspected file and others, always got stuck.

Well, some success: There is a split second of control after all, so clicking on the close button for the window before it finished loading closed the file before it had a chance to hang. Now for more exploration.

You can put a shortcut of the SketchUp (SU) program in your Task Bar (PC) or the Dock (Mac) or your Desktop.

Then you can start SU without loading any file, thus avoiding crashes generated by a problematic file.

BTW if the OP gets a beachball it may be caused by a very long load time that can be caused by a very large file or the use of a slow external drive or a slow connection to a network drive.

I know, but have never had the need to launch the program prior to selecting a file. I have been using templates for years so I simply open one of my templates to start which is faster than launching the program and opening a template or god forbid, starting fresh with every model.

Right now double clicking a file launches 2023, and I’m still using 2022 on a daily basis. Dragging a file to the 2022 icon in the Doc would do it. I have SU pointed to a favorite template which it opens automatically on launch or when I just say “New file.”

Yes, the file is getting large and difficult to manage.

Mac? Right click a file - Open with… and you can choose 2022. Maybe it will get you un-stuck.

Also, perhaps maybe open in 2023 and then save. See if it helps.

I was starting to think that. At least I have control of the program back.

Still exploring, but so far I can say this:

  1. I think SU considered both open documents as “saved” since I could close each window without being asked if I wanted to save changes.
  2. This is after a crash, so it relaunches and opens the files. Usually after a crash, it asks you if you want the backup or saved version, and gives you a choice, but I wasn’t getting that perhaps because it considered the files as saved?

Perhaps a set of weird circumstances.