SketchUp 2019 startup bug


I am using Sketchup for a long time but suddenly I am having trouble with opening .skp files. Instead of opening it (file that is already created, has some models etc.) directly it opens blank file and I always have to click “file → open” and search for the file. Any solutions?

Basically, if you double-click the .skp file in Windows File Explorer, that should be open directly in Sketchup.


  • Right click on a shortcut icon in a Windows Start menu then you should get a recent file list were you can select (click) the last opened file to open it.

If you started the Sketchup by click on the Start menu icon or double click on a desktop shortcut then the default template will open (empty file).

  1. You must have a recent file list in a Sketchup File menu at the botom to be easily select the last opened file.

  2. You can also go to Help>Welcome to Sketchup and find the Recent files section to be easily select the last opened file.