.skp files not opening


I have just upgraded to SketchUp 2024, and have been working on several designs for clients. One of the designs I started to make plans in layout. After I saved my work last night I can no longer open my Sketchup file, but it still functions in Layout. Any thoughts on how to fix this issue? When I open the file in Sketchup it, I get an error reading “Failed to open file”.


Where have you been saving the Sketchup model as you’ve been working on it?

Can you right click on a viewport in LayOut and open the SketchUp model that way? Check to see if the reference in LO is looking at the bum file or is it looking at the embedded version?


Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I just tried to open sketchup through the viewport and now I am getting a warning in the viewport. I just attached a few screen shots of what I am looking at and the dropbox file. Hope this coould help you to help me.



I’m about to get started with an online student. I’ll take a look at your files after I finish unless someone else gets to it first.

No worries, thank you

I haven’t got any good diagnostic tools but the file is probably badly damaged, about half filled with zeroes. Have you got the backup (SKP) file?

Thank You Anssi,

Yes I do have the .skb file

I renamed the .skb file to .skp and it opens without problems in SketchUp 2024.

thank you