SketchUp starts, but hangs on file it keeps opening

How can I open SU with out it selecting the last file I was working on? I think it could be corrupt as it is very large [112 mb]. The knowledge file for deleting .plist is old and I can’t find it. I don’t want to reinstall if I don’t have to. I have updated the Mac OS [running 10.15.7/Mac Pro 2017/3ghz 10-core/64gb

If you start by opening another file instead, does it still open the old file?

It just opens it with out asking me. I would have opened another file if I could.

Just crashed and froze my Mac again. I need to try to open it without it choosing that file.

using SU Pro 2021, have never had this problem where it crashed the whole computer. Send Bug Splat, as it finally showed up when I restarted for the 20th time.

Hold shift while selecting the App in the Applications folder

For any Mac application you can hold down the Shift key right after opening the application, and that will stop it from reopening the previous documents.

thx. Deleted the pref files and all ok. got to hidden files for 2021 by opening 2020 and going to prefs menu and clicking on fodder for files. Deleted the 2021 prefs, now ok. So in the future, remind me how to get to those hidden files.