Fresh restart of SketchUp

pretty sure it’s only if it crashes more than X minutes after you saved. say you set the autosave to 15 minutes, then if it crashes within 14 min of a save, it won’t offer you a choice.

I’ve tried - and failed - to show the autosave during classes enough times because of that, I forced SU to crash on purpose too quickly after a save

so maybe here it crashed too quick after your proper save, meaning no choice, and you’re stuck with the bad version.


In the back of my mind there is an itch telling me that there is a way to launch SketchUp from a terminal window with a command line argument telling it not to open a file…but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is

This experience leaves me wishing for something like launching the program with the option key or something that would give you some alternate choices like choosing a different file to start with and maybe choosing not to load extensions.

You may have an answer already, but for what it’s worth Mac apps have a convention where if you hold down the shift key while the app is starting, documents that were open when the app was last closed are not reopened.


I managed to get out of it another way this time, but that’s the kind of answer I was searching for.

This works for windows too.

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I almost never open a file directly in Sketchup. I right click on the file in File Explorer and select the Version of Sketchup I want to use.
I also use a template which is set as the default file when starting a new project. You can make the default template: In a new file set everything the way you want including tags, trays open, styles, etc. Once totally set go to File _ Save As _ Default and name it.
You can always reset your defaults and do another save as default.

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