Eliminating the new, empty model at startup?

Is there a start-up option somewhere to avoid SU from opening a new, blank model upon program start-up? Although a relatively minor annoyance, I would like to avoid the step of deleting the model when, as is usual, I intend to open an existing model to work on.


You should not need to delete anything… Just use File Open to open the existing model. Or open SketchUp by double-clicking the existing SKP file.

When you launch the SketchUp app it initially uses your default template.
You can set that template up in Preferences - you own default personalized template can have as much or as little data associated with it, as you choose…
If you open an existing SKP model file it should open in the SketchUp app.
If you are within SketchUp already, and then choose to open another SKP, then you should get a dialog from which you can choose an existing SKP file…

also, if you R-Click the SU Icon in the Dock, there is a list of recent files…


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Thanks, John. I think this is the best solution for my purposes, although Aaron and TIG’s suggestions also will help. Thank all of you.

I have a somewhat similar problem with SU Pro 2018. If I quit SketchUp (or if a BugSplat quits the program for me), I get the “Start Using SketchUp” screen. In earlier versions, there was a button labeled “don’t show this again,” which let me open SU right to my default template. But that “don’t show” button seems to be missing from 2018. I’d love to see it come back.

I see an ‘Always Show on Startup’ check box that works for me…

edit: un-checked


Are you sure you’re not opening Make 2018 instead of Pro 2018? I don’t think you can turn that off in Make.

There is no Make 2018, only Pro

Oops. You’re right.
Maybe @davidheim1 is still in trial mode and hasn’t entered his licence. Is the “Always Show on Startup” checkbox there on the trial?

Nope, it’s Pro. I just renewed my license.

Aha! I thought I’d entered all the license and serial number info, but apparently I hadn’t Thanks for enlightening me.

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