Can't open pro 2019 to blank window

Hi- I’m a mac user and purchased, downloaded and authorized SU pro 2019 version in April and haven’t used it for awhile. I can’t seem to just open a blank window when I want to begin a new drawing. How is this done? In my applications it shows “SU Pro 2019-en (1). dmg”, so it looks like a copy. Why? Where would the original be? When I tried to launch SU from the applications list in finder it threw a start button onto my dock, showing the dot to indicate program was open, yet I get no open window on the screen. When I clicked that, I got a window showing the names of files I’d already created in SU Make. When I tried to open one of these, there was a newer version of the program offered(2019.2), so I am downloading this now. How do I just have an icon on my dock that when clicked opens to a new window to start a new drawing? Wouldn’t that be logical? I think I may have downloaded the SU Pro incorrectly and I’m not understanding how the file system works. Can you point me to some good instructional vids on file management and downloading, or offer some suggestions? Should I remove all versions of SU completely and install SU Pro? Thanks

A bunch of questions in there!

First of all, you should not have the installer dmg file in /Applications and you should not run SketchUp itself from within the dmg. Rather, you open the dmg from your Downloads folder after you download it and drag the SketchUp icon onto the Applications icon in the installer window. Then you close the installer window and eject the dmg from your desktop. Finally, you can delete that installer dmg from your Downloads folder as you shouldn’t need it again and can download it again if you do.

Second, you should download the latest revision to SketchUp Pro 2019.2 and install it. During the installation you will be asked whether you want to keep or replace the previous. Click “replace”.

Once SketchUp is installed, click it in the /Applications folder to launch. It should open a welcome screen on which you can select a template or previous file to open. Choose a template to get a new blank model window. If you would like to always get a blank model window by default, you can open SketchUp->Preferences->General and uncheck the “Show Welcome Window” box at the bottom.

To get an always-present icon in the Dock, start SketchUp then right-click the icon in the dock, choose Options from the menu, and check “Keep in Dock” from the options menu. By the way, that’s generic macOS, nothing specific to SketchUp.

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The dmg with (1) after it just means you have more than one file with the same name in your Downloads folder. To make sure you’re on the current version you could do these steps:

  1. Make sure SketchUp, LayOut, and Style Builder, are all closed.
  2. Look for any SketchUpPro-2019-en.dmg files in your Downloads folder and move them to Trash.
  3. Download the MacOS version of SketchUp Pro 2019.2 from this page:

  1. Open the new SketchUpPro-2019-en.dmg in your Downloads folder, and drag the SketchUp 2019 folder on top of the Applications alias. When told there is a folder with the same name, click Replace.

To keep the SketchUp icon in your Dock, open SketchUp from Applications/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp, then while you can see the icon in the Dock, with the dot under it, drag the icon to the left, to some position in the Dock that you like. That will be enough to make Mac OS know that you want to keep the icon in the Dock after you quit the application. You can also right-click on the icon, choose Options, and select Keep in Dock.

To always go straight into a new model instead of seeing the Welcome screen, open SketchUp and start a new document, then choose SketchUp/Preferences, and in General uncheck the Show Welcome Window option.

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