SketchUp quit unexpectedly

Hi there,

I am on a Mac and on the newest version. Was working on my document and it quit — thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal, like in Indesign, it would go back to normal but it is not! Moreover the document I was working on was created in the newest version but now when I try to open it it says I need to download the newest version because my doc was created in the older version — which is not true.

What to do? It is a closed loop: asking me if I want to reopen my window, I say “yes” and then it sends some error report and takes me to the long list of errors asking the same question if I want to reopen it, I say “yes” and it takes me back to the same question.

Please help! I restarted my laptop twice now and it’s still not helping! I am able to open layout and style builder but not the sketchup!

Are you able to find a backup (filename with a tilde *~.skp) or Autosave file (search in Finder for Autosave)?

Or can you upload the file you can’t open?

It’s possible that @colin might be able to rescue part of it at least - if you’ve been using components, for example, he can sometimes recover those even from a corrupt file.

Show a screenshot when you go into Finder to the Apps folder.

I think it’s not the problem with any particular document, but with SketchUp. It won’t open at all.

This are my steps…

This is the last screenshot and after that it takes me back to the same loop: SketchUp quit unexpectedly, do you want to reopen?

It probably won’t matter, but you could choose the Don’t Reopen if you like, then open your document from File, Open Recent.

Before you dragged the disk image SketchUp 2021 folder onto the Applications alias, did you first go into Applications and delete the SketchUp 2021 folder that was already there?

The bugsplat is from the priorly closed session, that can be confusing.
There is no picture of the Application folder, are the apps within a SketchUp 2021 folder?

This screenshot shows that you had run SketchUp from the disk image itself, and had not run it from Applications, SketchUp 2021. It’s possible that you opened it from an icon in the Dock, and that may have been pointing to the disk image version. Open SketchUp from Applications, SketchUp 2021, and look for a new icon appearing in the Dock. Trust that one, and remove any other SketchUp 2021 icons from the Dock.

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I can’t find my SketchUp app in my Application window, I just click on my downloaded 2021 version.I even re-downloaded it again just now!

In the window you showed, with SketchUp 2021 folder on the left, and Applications alias on the right, you’re supposed to drag the SketchUp 2021 folder on to the Applications alias, to set the folder copying across to Applications. After the copying is finished, eject the disk image, and then go into Applications, SketchUp 2021, to open SketchUp from there.

Thanks Colin, let me try that! Should I also delete my 2020 app? I keep it just in case, since some of my docs were created there.

OMG, this is hilarious. I never understood what that meant — that arrow, I thought it wanted me to look for my app in the Applications so I’d go there, wouldn’t find it and then just click on the app to try and open it, which always takes forever. I hope my document I was working on isn’t lost?

Is it now copied?
Screenshot 2021-02-27 at 17.41.05

Your documents should be ok.

The disk image, arrow pointing to applications, is something of a convention with Mac installers, but you are not alone in doing a different action, and we’re trying to get the installer team to improve how it looks.

When you have done that drag, Finder should show the folder copying over. It can take a minute or two. After it is finished you would go into the Applications folder, and should see the SketchUp 2021 folder now.

Yep, I just shared my screenshot to double check that it is all good, before I go and eject the disk image…by “eject” you mean “delete”? Just want to do it right.

You can control-click, or right-click, in an empty area of the disk image window, and choose the Eject option.

The DMG file that is in your Downloads folder can be deleted later, once you are sure that SketchUp is running ok from Applications. You can always download that again if you need it.