Sketch up pro 2019 is not loading

I am unable to open my Sketch Up Pro 2019 on my Mac Book Pro 2018 Version macOS Big Sur. I have been told that unless I pay to update to the newest version and pay for continued support, that is the case.

I am no Mac expert, you should have the ability to revert to the previous OS if no other alternatives are available. ( I do not know what they may be)
@colin may be able to assist

What do you mean with ‘not loading’ ?
How did you install?
Where did you download the image disc installer?
What license do you have?(eg classic with serial or subscription with email)
If classic, when did you buy it? With what character does it start? ( eg ‘VA-…. Is for SketchUp 2020)

Your 2019 SketchUp should still be working on your Big Sur Mac, without paying anything.

You also have a 2020 license that you didn’t yet use. I had the license system send the license to you, it should have just arrived in an email.

Here is the 2020 disk image, if you want to give it a try:

Mac 2020 disk image.

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I purchased and installed Sketch Up in 2018. I’ve been using it for the last three years without too many problems. As of the last month or so, I have had trouble opening up the program, itself, or previous saved drawings. I keep getting a " Welcome to Sketch Up Make" Free Pro Trial from Trimble when I attempt to log into the Sketch Up program. It often blocks me from proceeding any further.
Now that you have contacted me, I find it interesting that I can now log into my Sketch Up program and access my files.

If you have a classic license, logging in only does not activate it.
Do you have a screen shot of your application folder?

What do you mean by a screen shot of my applications folder?

In Finder, go to the application folder and make sure it’s on list view.
Than hit Cmd + Shift + 4
Select the part of SketchUp installations
Drag that image in when answering here

Sketch Up 2020 is in Applications as well as 2019 and 2017. Should I click on the 2020 and hit Cmd + Shift + 4?

Note: When I click on the Sketch Up Pro 2020 application, it only shows three parts. LayOut, SketchUp, and Style Builder.

The SketchUp 2020 folder will be in Applications, after you have copied it from the disk image window. Inside that folder will be LayOut, SketchUp, and Style Builder.

You don’t need to sign in, you need to click the Add Classic License option in the lower right of the welcome screen. That’s a difference from how it was with 2018. Add the license that came in the email I had sent to you.

I have not been able to get a Sketch Up Pro 2020 Welcome Screen. I keep getting the old Sketch Up Make Screen and can’t close it up.

There hasn’t been a SketchUp Make since 2017. Are you sure you are clicking on the right icon?

I keep on clicking on the Sketch Up 2020 icon in my applications folder but never get a Welcome Screen. The Sketch Up Make 2017 has been interfering with my screen and opening up for several months. I need to shut down my computer to remove it.

Make sure to open SketchUp, and not a SketchUp document. At the moment macOS may see 2017 as being the owner for .SKP files. So, go into Applications, SketchUp 2020, and double-click on the SketchUp icon. A new icon may appear in the Dock, and that will be the one to trust. Other icons in the Dock are pointing to 2017 or other versions.

There is not a 2020 icon in my dock. There is the 2019 icon. The 2020 icon in applications does not show an installation icon when I open it.

Colin, I was finally able to get the Sketch Up 2020 into my dock. How do I remove the SketchUp Make and 2019 from the dock so that they do not interfere with 2020?

Drag them up until they vanish (hold left mouse button)

I’m not successful at dragging them up and getting them to vanish. They keep going back into my Doc.

If the application is still open, it will stay in the Dock. You can right-click on the icon, and choose Quit, if it is open.

Once it is closed, drag the icon upwards, and pause for a moment. The word Remove should appear, then release the mouse button.