SU pro 2019 update is a disapointment

after receiving a mail from trimble about the update to 2019, I tried to install the 2019 version.
Installation seemed succesful, but Sketchup won’t open anymore. I have no more acces to my files now.
Uninstall and trying 2018 pro again is also unsuccesful.
Can anyone help me out please?

You don’t need to uninstall your SketchUp 2018 (and should not until you know 2019 works) because it installs in a separate folder and does not conflict with other major SketchUp versions.

Why? What you tell sounds like there is no help. If you tell what exactly you do and what happens, we might find a solution. If there is an error message then you have some important hints.

If you have access to your files but cannot open them, for emergency purpose you could open them in

I have the application installed, but it won’t run…

Were you running SketchUp Pro or the free Make 2017 version before? If you want to revert to the old free Make you probably have to download and install that.

I was running 2018 pro version, but even this one won’t start up any more

What error are you receiving? What exact process are you following to install and run?

the application does not give an error, it just won’t run.
I used the installer as is.

So when you try to open SketchUp, nothing happens at all? It simply doesn’t launch?

So a precise description of your steps would be:

  1. You launch the application by clicking its desktop/dock/launcher icon.
  2. Nothing visible happens, no window opens (or flashes for a moment).

This can be caused when:

  • The operating system does not find the path to the executable to which the launcher links to.
    • In that case, I would open the launcher file properties (right click the icon → Properties) and check whether the path to the executable actually exists in the file manager. Maybe the launcher icon was left over from the previous installation (not removed during uninstallation) and the path is not valid anymore. Then I would either correct the path, or delete the launcher and reinstall the application to generate a new launcher.
  • The executable is run, but crashes before it creates a window.
    • This could happen when the system is incompatible with SketchUp, or an operating system file is missing or corrupted.
    • More likely:
      • A dependency is missing or corrupted, but SketchUp’s installer would have prompted to install the dependency.
      • A (graphics) driver problem or the graphics hardware was not recognized. Often SketchUp at least achieves to pop up a “Bugsplat” error report window.
      • Another error happened.
    • In any of these cases, I would launch the installer again and do a “repair installation” (or uninstallation and reinstallation).
    • If you feel somewhat technically comfortable, you could open a terminal / command prompt and launch the SketchUp executable from the terminal. This way you can get more details how far the program achieves to start and where it fails. The error message may give you some hints or you can post it here.

I try to run it from its location in “C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp.exe” and nothing visible happens, no window opens (or flashes for a moment).

Apparently Sketchup 2019 installs a file in windows who causes this problem.
Our IT helpdesk is in contact with Trimble to find a solution.
" Resolution Details:
At this moment only version 2016 will work, Engineering and Trimble (manufacturer of SketchUP) are working on a solution.
If you have any documents that won’t open send them in a separate call and Engineering will save them as an 2016 file. "

Open a command prompt and type ‘dxdialog’ followed by enter, report here what specs you have


I enclosed the results, because too much characters to reply

hi, did you find anithing in my DxDiag?

It seems you don’t have a dedicated 3D grahics card, so that might be problematic…
Hence the 2016 version, which was the last version that had hardware acceleration…

Then why was 2018 working? I can’t get 2019 to work either. But my issue is different so I’ll open a new thread.

Eddy seems to be on to a solution, but there is a combination that could defeat less technical users, and that has an easy solution.

Suppose you install any update of any app, not SketchUp in particular. The install goes completely well, apparently, but when you run the new version it crashes immediately. Worse still, all your documents crash immediately.

One of the screens in a typical Windows installer asks you if it’s ok to set the document type to be opened in the new version of the app. It’s such an innocent looking screen, so you click OK. And now those documents get opened in the new version, that is crashing.

The workaround would be to right-click on any document and use the Open With feature to set it to open with the older version of the application. There is an easy to miss checkbox to say “Always Open With”, or something on those lines. Not checking that box would mean having to do the same workaround every time.

When the crashing of the later version gets fixed, then you could change the Open With application to use the later version.

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SU 2016 runs, I back-saved my 2018 projects I am working on to 2016 and can keep on working until a valid solution turns up.
Your proposed trick does not work, unfortunately.

is there any progression yet?

The progression needs to be made on your side, I guess.
Try to meet the minimum requirements: an integrated videocard is not a ‘dedicated 3D graphics card’ as subscribed:

Try updating the drivers for the card, do not trust the manufacturer’s drivers but go to the Intel site.

Keep in mind that a windows ( automatic) update can screw up any time…

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