SU crashing on start up

I am a little stuck. Hope someone can help me.

I am trying to launch SU but a file that crashed SU reloads each time I restart SU and causes it to crash. Is there a way to get SU to launch without it attempting to reload the same file automatically?

Also, can anymore tell from the attachedCrash Log.pdf (146.8 KB) crash report what is causing the file to crash SU?

Did you go through these steps?

(You should complete your profile with the OS, SketchUp version,… for more specific answers)

disable vray by renaming it’s Folder in Plugins…

Right click SU in ‘Finder’ and select open…

your Imac will support latter versions of SU, why are you sticking with v13?

I can’t see your OS in there so I presume it’s also quite old?


Hold down shift while clicking on SketchUp Icon to launch safely.

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OS 10.11, not currently supported (El Capitan). Thank you, Apple.

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Thanks, Cotty. I did go through most of those steps, but it became apparent that it was the file that was re-opened when SU was fired up that was causing the problem.

I will update my profile details as you suggest. SU is so good that I don’t have to come here often hence my failure to have done so.

Thanks again for the advice.

Cheers… Stuart


thanks so much. A simple solution that worked perfectly.



in this case, Barry’s advice solved the problem. Thanks so much for your advice though.

BTW, I am using the latest Apple OS on my iMac. I have v13 on this device but other, newer, versions on other devices.


A simple solution, even a Perfect One,… But WHY does it work?

What did this bypass on startup which was causing the issue in the first place?

Is it a one time thing, or does Stuart have to use it every time he opens this particular file?

I’m just curious, as to the why here. May need this one day for something else and I’d like to know a little more about it.


I suspect its a one off problem related to the file (not sure what the fault is although it seemed to be taking an inordinate amount of CPU to open and hence may be too large). As I understand it, when SU crashes or is shut down with a file open, when it is reopened, the file tries to reopen, causing SU to crash.

I assume that the use of the shift key simply causes a ‘clean’ start up of SU without it trying to open the problem file.


I often experienced in such matters, because most temporary files, registry cleaned often use anti virus or unsuitable.
Hope it is useful