SU Pro 2018 on Mac crashing on quit


I am running SU Pro '18 on a late 2014 iMac w/ 16 GB RAM. Every time I quit the program, I get the Apple System dialog “Sketchup Quit Unexpectedly”; rarely do I get Bugsplats. From everything I’ve read, this is plugins not playing nice with one another. I have reinstalled SU '18 at least three times since it first was published, adding in the plugins I need one by one as needed. The plugins provide capabilities that are an integral part of my workflow so I can’t imagine working without any of them.

Aside from the annoyance, is there any problem with with SU crashing in this manner? I save my work often and generally close all open model file windows before choosing to quit SU, so I feel like my files are safe, although I do not know if that is true. But, so far so good, it seems.

Anything to be concerned about here?




For what it’s worth, @Fredo6’s wonderful Animator extension always causes SketchUp to crash or misbehave during Quit for me, if I have invoked the extension during the session. I save often and thus have not been worried about data loss due to this behavior.

By the way usually SketchUp just hangs during Quit (after using Animator) instead of crashing, so I eventually Force Quit it. Even that often has a one-minute or longer lag, locking up the Finder for a while (which I never see when Force Quitting other applications). I think I’m running Mac OS 10.11 on my computer.


Thanks for confirming my experience. And yes, I too have to Force Quit on occasion.

I do not have this issue with any other application I run; granted, Sketchup may well be the most complex one.

Thanks again for responding.


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