SketchUp crash notice at Shut-down


Howdy Folks,

SketchUp Pro 2018 (or the Mac OS) issues a crash report every time I shut Sketchup down. Does anyone have this happen, or know why it does this?



If you force quit, then it will give that notice. If you quit with command + q, then it shouldn’t happen. Another possibility is SketchUp crashes every time you quit for some reason. It could be because you have a setup that’s not optimally compatible with SketchUp. I’m pretty sure SketchUp prefers NVIDIA graphics cards and Macs come with something else, but it still works okay. I’m not sure what’s causing this… But clicking ignore isn’t that time consuming.


There have been some ill-behaved extensions that would crash the embedded chromium browser on quit, but I haven’t seen that in some time. If you look at the report, what does it say? Perhaps you could upload the report here?


Thanks for your reply.

Re Clicking Ignore - HA! So true.
This isn’t a huge issue, but it is a glitch so I felt a need to see if there’s a know cause.



Thanks for your reply.
I have a PDF file I’ve uploaded here with the Mac OSX crash report.

Thanks in advance for looking at it.


Sketchup Crash Report.pdf (169.7 KB)


That looks to me like an extension is misbehaving (I’m a volunteer, I don’t have access to this SketchUp code). I’d try turning off extensions and see if the problem goes away. The most efficient way is to move half of the .rb files out of your plugins folder and test. If the problem goes away, something in the removed ones is to blame. If it remains, one of the ones you kept is to blame. Either way pick half of the suspect ones and put them back (if the problem went away) or remove them (if the problem remains). Keep testing half at a time and you will quickly zero in on the culprit.