SketchUp won't quit on my Mac

I had an iMac 2012, and SketchUp would not quit. Whether I used the pull down menu SketchUp > Quit SketchUp, or just hit Command Q, it would not quit and would just hang there until I used Force Quit.
I’ve now got a new iMac 2017 running Catalina, and the same thing happens almost all the time - I started a new file today using the imperial template (which I never use). I didn’t do any work, I just opened it then hit Command Q and it worked. So it must be a problem in the files I’m using…?
Any ideas anyone?
thanks in advance


SketchUp 2018 is not compatible with Catalina…

This does sound like it may be an issue with an extension, but it may be due to the operating system being release two years after Pro 2018

its Sketchup Pro 2019.
and it works fine, it just won’t quit!

Sorry… your profile still says 2018. I would recommend turning all your extensions off and see if you have the same issue. Every time I have heard this, it ended up being an issue with extensions.

ok. I’ll give it a try, thanks