Sketchup pro 2018 does not stop after quiting and stays active on the dock

After installing SU2018 ia am happy with it but quitting de application is nog working as it should. SU2017 has no issues quitting. I finally have to force quit by right clicking the icon in the dock. Happens every time i quit SU2018.

Where can i find logging to troubleshoot this?

I am running MacOS Sierra (10.12.6)

I thought it had been fixed, but there was a bug that could cause the embedded Chromium browser framework to go into an endless loop when SketchUp tries to quit. I believe it was triggered by certain extensions. Did you reinstall fresh extensions when you updated to 2018 or just copy them from the 2017 folder? You may have to try turning extensions off to track down the offender.

Hi Steve, thanks for the suggestion. I installed all extensions. Turned them off and one by one turned them on again… Everything fine!?

So i opened the file again i was working on. This is a model made in SU2017, waiting for my license i continued working on it in SU2018 trial (without problems…) and after receiving and installing my licence the trouble started… The other thing i changed was V-Ray. Installed that too. It was already activated…

So i thought let’s save a copy of that model work on that and see what happens… No problems anymore.
Neither the new copy of the file or the old… Problem solved but not exactly clear what the cause was.


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