Sketchup won't quit on Mac


I have had this problem ongoing for about a year. I recently upgraded to SU Make 2015 which I use to build plans for my woodworking furniture projects. When I try and quit SU on my Mac (MacbookPro less than 1 year old) the application just hangs and I see the spinning Mac wheel. I end up having to force quit every time even with the new upgrade. I was able to install SU Make 2015 without any warnings or errors.

Has anyone else seen this issue and is there any type of fix?

Thanks in advance



I haven’t seen that at all. Do you get the dialog asking if you want to save changes, or does it hang before then?


There are a number of things that can cause SU to hang on quit…

Often it is to do with ‘Extensions’, sometimes the ‘Template’…

What plugins/extensions do you use?

If you open SU holding ‘Shift’ to start with an empty model, draw a simple square, and then ‘Save’, does it still hang?

If it does, try again after changing Templates…

Can you post one of your problem files?



I only use the furniture US measurement template, as far as I know this is a standard template from when Google owned SU. I have attached one of the files, appreciate everyones assistance, I have uploaded one of the problem files

queen-bed-ct-3.skp (170.1 KB) .


Downloaded, ran, edited, saved, no issues. Plugins? What’s the spindump say when you kill the app?


Using sketchup make on a mac. It won’t quit, and because it won’t quit, I can’t restart my computer. Any ideas?


Have you tried force quitting?

Command + Option + Escape


Forgot about that. Feel kinda dumb now. lol



The fastest way to quit Sketchup without saving is to type: exit! and press enter on the ruby console!