Sketchup Locking Up on Quit v 15.3.329

Since updating to version 15.3.329 I am having a problem with Sketchup Make locking up on quitting the application. Never had any issues in previous versions. This is on an iMac early 2009 running Mavericks. Must Force Quit to exit program.

Have a MacBook Pro of same vintage and OS but seems to be okay on that one, except it runs REALLY slowly on that machine.

Sketchup Crash Report.pdf (1.2 MB)


I can’t immediately determine the cause of your hang - crash reports from “Force Quit” often point at somewhere that’s not actually the root of the problem. Were you running 15.2 before without issue?

Yes. No problems with 15.2

Does it happen every time SketchUp quits?
Does it happen if you first close your document, and then quit SketchUp?
Do you have any extensions installed?

It may be worth temporarily renaming the directory where SketchUp stores its settings in case there’s a corrupted file in there. That directory is /Users/{your user name}/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp. Rename it to something like “SketchUp-Backup”, then run SketchUp again and see if the problem still exists.