Sketch up preventing me from shutting down my lap top

Hello smart people.

I am using sketchup pro 2018 with my macbook pro. everytime I want to shut down my computer, I cannot close down the sketch up program. it says sketchup is not responding. So i always have to force quit the program before I can shut down my laptop. Any advise? or is this actually question for apple?
Thank you all


Check that SketchUp isn’t asking you if you want to save changes you’ve made to your files.

Try quitting SketchUp first before shutting down and deal with any dialog boxes that pop up.

Thanks for your reply. I did try to close sketchup before shut down but it still not responding.

Is SketchUp working normally when you’re not trying to quit it? If so, i’d be looking at any extensions you have installed. Try disabling them to see if it works without them. Look for any error messages in the Ruby console and the system console.

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It is definitive a combination of extensions that causes my mac not to shut down without force quiting SketchUp, most SU - developers are on windows and always seem to struggle a bit with apple’s OS