Force Quit on a Mac

I’ve noticed this in the past year when I quit sketchup. I will file close all the models to quit out of or try to shutdown my computer and SketchUp will be unresponsive and not fully quit out. I especially notice it because my internal fan will turn on as if it was requiring a lot of power.

I end up doing a force quit but was wondering if this is a known issue or if it is just my computer.

Hey Dan! Do you see this every time? I see it on occasion, but not regularly, so not sure why that is happening.

If you see it every time, try disabling ruby as a start, then you might at least be able to trace the problem to a plugin if it quits properly with ruby off.

Thanks Tyson…it is almost every time so I figured it may be a plugin but haven’t had the time to check into it…I’ll see if that helps and hopefully see which plugin is causing the issue.

Thanks in advance!


I figured it out…at least I think so.

I had a outdated version of su podium that was causing the issue.

SU Podium V2 Version: 2.17.993

Every time I quit, SketchUp would stay active and then I would have to force quit. Now it is running smooth!

Thanks Dan, I’ll look into that as well, might have a similar issue.