Sketchup is Shutting Down my Laptop

I have just started having a issue where Sketchup shuts down my laptop. Nothing has changed with my computer or software. I do not receive an error message, it just simply shuts down. My computer is not overheating. I have ran all of the different diagnostics for the pc, windows. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Sketchup. No other software does this. I have tried just starting Sketchup without opening a file and it is doing the same thing. I usually get about 5 minutes before it happens.

This is a major part of my business and it is killing me.

Have you had any windows updates?

No it hadn’t updated since i have had this problem.

if you open up SketchUp and check [menu] Window > Preferences > OpenGL toggle the Use fast feedback
does it change?
are you monitoring the memory use, as well?
Do you have any extensions running?