Startup Problem

When I open Sketchup, and click on “Start using Sketchup”, the program just shuts down. I get no error message, the program just closes. In a previous version, I could not save anything. I thought the problem might be related so I deleted everything to do with sketchup, reinstalled it, and I still have the same issue.

These are classic signs of Graphic Card problems.
You should check if there is a new driver for your AMD card.
They have been known to cause problems.

I used the windows utility to check and it said everything was up to date. Is there another way to double-check this?

It depends on your specific PC and card. Most have some sort of dashboard, I’m unfamiliar with AMD, but generally go to the Device Manager, find the Graphic card and select update driver.

when u install new sketchup r u opening the same file that was close or shut down. Try to open a new file and work a new project for few 10min and c if it work fine then the problem is of the file i think so its corrupt.